Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Reading Response

Title: The Fault In Our Stars
Director: Josh Boone
Text Type: Film

This story follows Hazel Lancaster, a terminally ill cancer teen. When she meets fellow cancer patient Augustus Waters at a cancer support meeting, her life changes when she experiences something she thought she never would again - love.

This text gave me a different perspective on how cancer patients deal with having the disease. It showed me that cancer sufferers are not always fighting the disease, and I think this is side to the disease is not often portrayed in other texts. One of Hazel's opening lines is, "Depression isn't a side effect of cancer. It's a side effect of dying. " Later on in the film, during an argument with her parents, she says, " I'm not healthy, and I'm gonna die. Do you realise that I'm dying?" These examples show that Hazel is acceptant to the fact that that the cancer is taking her life, and she sees no point in fighting it. After Gus' health worsens, she also says of him, "I wish I could say that Augustus Waters kept his sense of humour till the end. That not for a single moment did his courage waver. But this is not what happened. " I think this shows that the cancer is not only taking their lives, but it is also taking away their hope of conquering the disease. To them, their battle is already lost.

One lesson that this film teaches us is that we should be grateful for our good health. Hazel has had to live with cancer for years, and has had numerous hospital stays, operations, and drug trials. She has to live with only one operating lung, and has carry an oxygen tank with her twenty four hours a day. Gus is also an amputee because of his cancer, and has to live with only one leg, while their friend Isaac ( who also attends support group ) had to have his eyes surgically removed, and now lives blind. Hazel ( and later Gus ) is living on borrowed time, and while her current drug is keeping her alive, one day soon her lung will give out. I think that our good health is something that we take for granted, and we should be more grateful for it, because there are others ( like Hazel, Gus and Isaac ) who are not so fortunate.